Founded in 1994 by Laide Adesanya, Ladtop Nigeria Ltd. is a construction company, privately owned corporation based in Lagos, Nigeria. Ladtop serves the Southwest and Southeast regions of the country, specializing in public and private building and industrial projects. Ladtop offers expertise in construction management, general construction, design/build,  road works and build-to-suit lease-back, as well as experience in the corporate, individual and industrial markets.

The Company operates 2 offices located in Lagos and abuja. In 2011, the company achieved turnaround  volume total of over N500 million and employed over 100 people.

Throughout the company’s history, Ladtop has received praise for its quality work and service, its timely delivery and ability to remain under the project budget. Ladtop prides itself with meeting client challenges, whether they are budgets, schedules, site conditions or unique designs, and boasts an 100 percent repeat customer rate.

At Ladtop Nigeria Limited, we make sure we keep our clients satisfied. Our keen eyes for quality ensures that every project produces a unique product.

Our aim includes:
To improve visibility in the corporate environment.
To develop and grow into a property development outfit.
To be a force to be reckrned with within the design and building industry.

Our Vision is to diligently understanding your requirements, comprehensive planning and timely execution to ensure we exceed your expectations.